Welcome to SnackBar

About SnackBar

SnackBar's aim is to port old games or build utilities to makes them available on new OS'es.
SnackBar may also provide some useless stuff relative to cool games.

The Sims™ 4 USB-Plumbob Protocol

Technical documentation is coming, so you can use the Plumbob in your own software!

SimCity 2000™ SCURK File Format

Learn more about the SCURK file here: SCURK File Format
There is also an online SCURK to PNG converter available here: SCURK File Converter

Our WIP project: The SnackBar Engine

An old fashion 3D Engine, that will be designed to support games like Wolfenstein 3D™ Mac&PC (and vanilla mods), and Catacombs 3D™.